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NAT Solution for Internet Connectivity - Exercise

Problem Solver Exercise: NAT as a solution for Internet connectivity

Objective: Suggest solutions that will secure and enhance NAT.


This exercise is worth a total of 5 points. Once you have completed your answer, press the submit button. The following scenario describes the requirements for enhancing the NAT solution of a firm that represents the electronic-component manufacturers. Read the scenario and answer the questions.

The scenario

During the deployment of the NAT solution for a firm that represents electronic-component manufacturers, the firm decides to enhance the order-entry and order-tracking system. The enhancements allow customers to place orders and then track their orders using a Web-based application over the Internet.
Each regional sales representative will run a copy of the Web-based application on a computer running Windows 10. As customers place orders, the SQL Server 2012 database located in the regional representative's home office and the SQL Server 2012 database in the London central sales office are updated.

Your task

Answer the following questions:
  1. The enhancements to the Web-based order-entry and order-tracking system require that customers access the application from the Internet. What recommendations would you make for securing the NAT solution?
  2. After analyzing the traffic with a protocol analyzer such as Network Monitor, you have discovered that the updates to the SQL Server 7.0 database in the London central sales office are not encrypted. How could you ensure that the database updates are encrypted?
  3. Allowing customers to access the Web-based order-entry and order-tracking system has significantly degraded the performance of the NAT server. What strategies could you use to improve the performance of the NAT solution?

Submitting your solution

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