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Lesson 7Other netstat command options
ObjectiveMatch the netstat command options to their correct description.

Other netstat Command Options

You may obtain slightly different statistical information on network traffic from netstat using the -s option. This option reports a standard set of statistics from the TCP/IP protocol stack, organized by protocol. Here is a part of that output:
host$ netstat -s


699 active opens

0 passive opens

31 failed connection attempts

452 connection resets received

1 connections established

80902 segments received

66190 segments send out

3554 segments retransmited 

Correctly interpreting this data requires a fairly detailed knowledge of TCP/IP.

Continually monitoring network status

The -c option to netstat tells the program to generate its output continuously at one-second intervals. The command:
host$ netstat –ct
will generate a list of active TCP connections every second.

Checking memory availability for the TCP/IP internals

The -m option to netstat will report on memory usage by the TCP/IP stack (except on Linux, so we cannot demonstrate this feature).
host$ netstat -m

netstat Command Options - Exercise

Click the Exercise link below to match the netstat command options to their correct description.
netstat Command Options - Exercise