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Prepare the named.boot file on Linux

For your convenience, here are the steps you followed to kill the name server process and edit the named.boot file on a Linux machine:
  1. The first thing you need to do is stop the named process so that you can configure it with the named.boot file. Before you can do that, however, issue the following command to learn the PID of the named process: ps aux | grep named.
  2. Notice that the named process has the PID of 229. Kill the named process, stopping it completely.
    Solution: kill -TERM 229
  3. You have stopped the named process on your system. View the /etc/named.boot file using the cat command.
  4. The name of this file shows you that you are using an older version of BIND, which is still quite common. Newer versions of BIND use the /etc/named.conf file. For the purpose of this simulation, we have set up the proper primary directives, one for the forward zone file and one for the reverse zone file.

Example 4-1 Example Boot File for dnsmastr Server

; named.boot file on the dnsmastr (sirius)
; files required by in.named are located here 
directory /var/named
; here are the names of the master files
cache         .                         named.ca
master       doc.com                   db.doc
master       0.0.127.in-addr.arpa      named.local
master       6.45.123.in-addr.arpa     doc.rev
;This system is also the slave for the sales.doc.com domain
slave     sales.doc.com      db.sales
slave     3.22.111.in-addr.arpa   sales.rev

Example 4-2 Example Boot File for dnssales Server

; named.boot file on the dnssales (altair)
; in.named is located here
directory /var/named
; here are the names of the master files
cache      .                        named.ca
master    sales.doc.com            db.sales
master    0.0.127.in-addr.arpa     db.127.0.0
master    3.22.111.in-addr.arpa    db.192.168.8

Example 5-3 Example Boot File for dnssecond Server

; named.boot file on the dnsecond (deneb)
directory /var/named
cache           .               named.ca
slave       doc.com doc.com
slave       6.45.123.in-addr.arpa doc.123.45.6