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Lesson 1

Using Configuring sendmail

In this module, we’ll examine how electronic mail is used on UNIX machines. Specifically, we’ll examine the sendmail program, the most widely used email agent on UNIX systems. While sendmail can be notoriously difficult to configure, newer versions of the program automate this process and make sendmail easier to use from a system administrator’s point of view. After completing this module, you will be able to:
  1. Explain the email process and the use of agents
  2. List the major responsibilities of the sendmail agent
  3. Describe how sendmail uses the SMTP protocol to forward email across the Internet
  4. Compile sendmail
  5. Use a .mc template file and M4 to create a sendmail configuration file automatically
  6. Test a new sendmail configuration before deploying it
  7. Use nslookup to view MX records