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Course Project - Exercise

Project exercise

Objective:Examine the starting script for the course project

Exercise scoring

This exercise is autoscored and worth two points.


This exercise looks at the volleyball script file. This file should already exist in your shell account for this class.


Look at the starting script for the course project. Then look at the text file, volleylist, which you will manipulate using the scripts written in this course.
  1. Look at the contents of the starting script by running the command below. This script ties all the other scripts together with a menu.

more volleyball
You should see references to other shell scripts with the following names:
These scripts are called inside the case statement in the script. There is a reference to a function called menuprint right before the case statement. During this course, you will write these four scripts and one function definition.
  1. Look at the contents of the data files you will use in your scripts by running the command below.

more volleylist
This file contains names and other information about your volleyball players.