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Lesson 9

Debug shell scripts Conclusion

In this module, you learned some techniques to debug shell scripts. You also looked at some commonly found errors.

Key commands

This module introduced you to the following commands:
  1. sh v
  2. sh x
  3. trap

In this module, you learned how to:
  1. Use shell options to test each line of a script
  2. Identify syntax errors and logic errors
  3. Insert shell commands to list the progress of a script
  4. Run a shell script with tracing options
  5. Use the trap command to handle signals sent to a shell script

This module introduced you to the following terms:

Glossary terms

  1. trace/tracing
  2. nested loop
  3. trap
  4. signal
  5. syntax error
  6. logic error
The next module is about collecting script commands into logical groupings called functions.

debugging Shell Scripts - Quiz

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debugging Shell Scripts - Quiz