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Lesson 5 Linux MUAs
ObjectiveCompare several different Linux MUAs.

Mail User Agent

Just as most users have their favorite editors, most users have their favorite email program, or MUA. Red Hat Linux comes with a wide assortment of MUAs, ranging from text-based to completely graphical programs. A brief list of common Linux MUAs includes:
  1. mail
  2. mh
  3. mutt
  4. elm
  5. PINE
  6. emacs
  7. exmh
  8. xemacs
  9. Netscape Messenger

The table below shows you screen samples of several common Linux MUAs.

Screen samples of common Linux MUAs

The first UNIX MUA ever made, mail, is available for Linux. The mail MUA offers a no frills, bare-bone, user interface. This program is perfect for use over low baud modems or low-bandwidth connections.
Using it does take some getting used to, as the commands can be somewhat cryptic.
PINE is a very common text-based MUA. It offers a built-in editor, newsgroups, and mail reader all in one package. Even over slow connections, PINE is a powerful performer.

Netscape Messenger is a common MUA, because it is integrated into the Netscape browser used under Linux. Messenger offers "drag-and-drop" functionality, the ability to view attachments in-line, and HTML message editing.
The next lesson identifies the traits of SPAM.

Linux Email Agents - Quiz

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